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AI cryptocurrency trading system…

Your path as a successful trader…

AIIP connects the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance. This is successfully operating AI for managing crypto assets on crypto exchanges.

Use the automated tools built into the platform. It allows you to earn round the clock without human involvement. This system is independent, self-adaptive, and shows high resilience and operational stability.

It is a perfect tool for storing crypto capital and get stable profitability.

How AIIP works

Make the most of the AIIP. The system comprises LSTM, NARX, and deep learning. The program is constantly learning and adapting to all kinds of scenarios.

Use the latest trading tools and do not worry about the safety of your funds, because the system performs the following tasks:

  • calculate stop loss and take profit;
  • predicts the future dynamics of cryptocurrencies;
  • analyzes the state of the cryptocurrency market;
  • measures and gains access to the risks of the entire portfolio and individual assets;
  • generates trading signals and manages them through the APIs of the crypto exchange.

The present version of the program has the following functional modules:

Invest in a wide range of assets, with the ability to predict price movements, calculate the level of risk and levels of profit and loss.

Data Analysis
Self-study, analyze data in real-time, invest and get high liquidity.

Automatic Strategy Push
The system automatically reallocates funds in portfolio assets. This allows investors to strike an appropriate balance between risk and return.

Placement of funds
Given the exchange between cryptocurrencies, the system automatically distributes funds between different assets.

The AIIP system works around the clock and in real-time. However, it has the following functionality:

Strategy analysis

We built many strategies into the system based on which signals for entering trades are calculated and signal the investor about to take profit and stop loss.

Automatic balancing

To get a balance between risk and return, the system will automatically redistribute funds in portfolio assets.

Portfolio monitoring

The system monitors the current portfolio, determines the conditions for closing existing and opening new positions based on the received Take Profit or Stop-loss signals.

The system also monitors the dynamics of growth and fall of strategic goals. This allows you to determine in time the moment for adjusting the settings, which are affected by the changed market conditions.


An easy-to-use, innovative platform tracks the rise and fall of prices for different crypto assets and selects cryptocurrency with the biggest predictability.


Market conditions are constantly changing. The parameters of mathematical models of neural networks also change. Our system can adapt to these changes and make the appropriate adjustments.

Tracking dynamics

The system tracks the development of key cryptocurrencies. It takes into account their mutual correlation and chooses the cryptocurrency for investment that has the maximum similarity and differences from the market index. The system analyzes the statistical data on price dynamics and then makes forecasts and risks of losses.

Non-algorithmic trading

We developed the platform based on artificial intelligence. This makes us different from traditional cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Self-learning system

Our system is designed so that it can use adaptive mathematical models, adjust the required parameters and track constant changes in the cryptocurrency market.

Full automation of the process

When trading on our exchange, you do not need the help of a trader. The human factor is completely eliminated, and all trading takes place automatically.

Why is our system the best choice?

On the platform, you will find a personal account (Dashboard) of the User, with the following benefits:

  • Transaction report
  • Personal wallets in Bitcoin, Etherium, USDT
  • Technical support
  • KYC / AML procedures
  • CITS token purchasing

Further, you will also find:

  • Use of fiat wallets/accounts in USD and EUR
  • Reporting module
  • Transfer funds under CITS management

We protect the data and funds of our users by:

  • Dedicated secure servers
  • Industrial data encryption algorithms
  • Multilevel user authentication
  • Multilevel distributed data access
  • The cold wallet storage system
  • Round the clock monitoring of ongoing transactions
  • Round the clock wallet access control system
  • Multilevel user authentication

Our achievements and plans for the future


Over two years ago, Joseph began testing the project. We base our current results on this period. During this period, we have made no adjustments to the algorithm of the system. This proves that we have developed the right model that is suitable for this project, as well as Joseph’s ability to control the risks associated with the fall in the cryptocurrency’s value and the ability to receive stable profits despite the volatility of crypto assets.

We are confident in the correctness of our approach. In the future, we plan to update our system and we know exactly what we need for this!

35% p.a. Projected profitability

Financial metrics

  • NPV (Net present value) — $ 75.4 mm
  • IRR (Internal rate of return) — 149%
  • ROI (Return on investment) — 67% annual average
  • Payback Period — 1.4 years after AIIP’s scale-up completion

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AIIP. Artificial Intelligence Investment Platform

AIIP connects the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance. This is successfully operating AI for managing crypto assets on crypto exchanges.