AIIP Ambassador Program

Ambassadors earn free tokens and tons of other rewards!

“Ambassadors receive special recognition as well.
from other members of our community. “

  • Helping us understand the needs of local users
  • Support for the localization of our product, such as checking translations of website content and translating blog posts
  • Collecting feedback from local users and the community
  • Actively promoting our services locally, for example, supporting us in getting the attention of local media
  • Helping us to attract subscribers to our pages on social networks
  • Helping us to engage with the local community
  • Helping us create content relevant to local users
  • You must be an active AIIP customer and know our products and services well.
  • You must have a good understanding of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space and general knowledge of the blockchain and related technologies (for example, the Lightning Network).
  • It is preferable to have active followers on social networks.


Filling the google form is required



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AIIP. Artificial Intelligence Investment Platform

AIIP. Artificial Intelligence Investment Platform

AIIP connects the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance. This is successfully operating AI for managing crypto assets on crypto exchanges.