AIIP Ambassador Program


At AIIP, we allow our users to become our ambassadors.

By becoming an AIIP Ambassador, you will be the spokesperson and our eyes for users and help raise awareness of the many benefits of AIIP.

Ambassadors earn free tokens and tons of other rewards!

Ambassadors will be asked to support the AIIP team locally. The AIIP team will reward them with AIIP tokens or other extraordinary products and exclusive terms of participation in the global development of the AIIP project.

“Ambassadors receive special recognition as well.
from other members of our community. “

Activities of AIIP Ambassadors

AIIP Ambassadors are our community’s most active (and elite) members. Ambassadors become members of the unique program and work closely with the AIIP Marketing, Product Development, and Strategic Planning Department.

  • Helping us understand the needs of local users
  • Support for the localization of our product, such as checking translations of website content and translating blog posts
  • Collecting feedback from local users and the community
  • Actively promoting our services locally, for example, supporting us in getting the attention of local media
  • Helping us to attract subscribers to our pages on social networks
  • Helping us to engage with the local community
  • Helping us create content relevant to local users

To apply for the AI Ambassador program, you must meet the following criteria.

You must accept and behave by our table of values

  • You must be an active AIIP customer and know our products and services well.
  • You must have a good understanding of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space and general knowledge of the blockchain and related technologies (for example, the Lightning Network).
  • It is preferable to have active followers on social networks.

We believe in these values, and any of our ambassadors must embrace them and act under the following provisions:

- Freedom and justice
- Inclusiveness and diversity
- Respect and a sense of community
- Confidentiality

AIIP will provide special incentives (free AIIP tokens, better interest rates, free NFTs, and many more) for completing a task and other actions.

You will also be able to select special incentives and rewards, including free AIIP merchandise and many more rewards yet to come.


Filling the google form is required



AIIP. Artificial Intelligence Investment Platform

AIIP connects the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance. This is successfully operating AI for managing crypto assets on crypto exchanges.

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