AIIP. AI Investment Platform


What makes AIIP unique?

AIIP offers a fully automated comprehensive set of tools that investors can use to invest in digital assets.

Whether you’re analyzing market data and trading Bitcoin, using automated cryptocurrency trading bots, tracking your portfolio and viewing real-time charts on the go, AIIP has everything you need to stay informed and make the most of your investments.

A. How it was Developed and What We Aim to Achieve

B. The Goals of the Project

• Consider the following targets:

1. The project aims to develop and implement a software Platform, based on a profitable and stable methodology and usage of advanced mathematical modeling.
AI tools including Deep Learning, LSTM, NARX, AR). We want this Platform to be able to operate a number of crypto assets traded on markets and stock exchanges.

2. The project is focused on setting up an Operating Company that will be regulated by the international trustworthy organization and provided by the required licenses allowing serving market participants.

3. One more current target of the Project is to make Contributors more engaged in cryptocurrencies management.

C. What it is all about

• Key characteristics
Everything that may be considered as AI characteristics is devoted to covering the functions necessary to conduct trading in numerous assets. Take a look at these functions:

a. Studying the conditions of the crypto market (crypto assets are taken into account).

b. Predicting potential tendencies and movements occurring to the market in different time frames.

c. Discovering the potential risk that may occur to the portfolio when the changing dynamics of a certain cryptocurrency takes place.

d. Managing risks described above.

e. Designing a game strategy that would be useful for operating in current market conditions. Numerous objectives and limitations are taken into account.

f. Achieving the stated targets with the help of the optimized crypto portfolio. The portfolio must be set up in accordance with the chosen strategy of performance.

g. Development of special signals that will be necessary to indicate the entry and exit points for each position. They are also essential when calculating stop loss and take profit.

What helps to achieve targets

In order to make the described above features implemented, we need to consider the tools below:

a. The most effective means of analyzing the dynamic series is the dynamic systems theory. Dynamic series must be studied and analyzed to define the current movements of crypto assets. Consequently, it’s essential in the process of developing forecast models.

b. Projection models may be also built by so-called ANNs, which are technologies of Deep Learning, LSTM, and GRU. These neural networks architectures may be used simultaneously for the sake of achieving better efficiency.

c. Risk management won’t bring significant effects without implementing various techniques including mathematical ones. Probability theory plays a very important role in modeling as well.

d. This task of portfolio optimization cannot be completed without using linear and nonlinear mathematical programming and multipurpose programming.

e. Trade signals and the benefits of their usage and management are
obvious.Signals are shaped by using optimization methods built on the logical product system.

• The struct of AIIP

To make automotive trading of crypto assets effective and profitable, the System provides a complex struct. In this case, we have the System augmented with 4 additional subsystems that provide the services described below:

I. The first subsystem is developed to provide interaction between crypto assets exchanges/brokers and users with the help of the Platform operating statistical data necessary for implementing the game strategy.

II. The second subsystem is designed in a way to help customers select the necessary strategy that will meet their personal requirements imposed by the need of reaching certain targets. This way, the total amount of client’s funds may be operated by the Platform simultaneously Due to the fact that the number of governance objects is always matched to the number of pre-determined strategies (which is from 3 to 5), the Platform remains extremely scalable.

III. UI subsystem sets starting values for the chosen models. It’s necessary when designing updated strategies.

IV. Report generation subsystem copes with the specific function of providing reports on different aspects such as profitability, quality, efficiency, account dynamics, different types of assessment, etc.

There are 4 sub-elements for the System AI ecosystem:

I. A cryptocurrency market analysis subsystem.
II. A game strategy development subsystem.
III. A forecasting subsystem.
IV. A subsystem for risk measurement and trade signal formation and management.

Their functions were introduced to our readers above. If that’s not enough for you, please, take a look at the Technical Specifications and Financial model to learn more.

Now we want to provide you with some data about the System’s work. It has started with $100k on the account. From February of 2019 till April of 2020 we got a profit of 16% from the total number of transactions of 1118. The percentage of long transactions is a bit higher than the short ones — 54 vs 46.

D. System development

If you want to know what the future development of the system will be, you can visit the official website of the platform and examine the modifications that should be implemented in AI v2. The current version is AI v 1.1.



AIIP. Artificial Intelligence Investment Platform

AIIP connects the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance. This is successfully operating AI for managing crypto assets on crypto exchanges.